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22 05, 2020

ERROR: Failure while downloading nitrux-icon-theme_3.5.3.tar.gz

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ERROR: Failure while downloading nitrux-icon-theme

Arch/Manjaro Update Fails Downloading nitrux-icon-theme_3.5.3.tar.gz

I really hope this didn’t stump any of you. It’s okay, if it did, you probably didn’t use the console and therefor probably didn’t see what actually failed. So, the link to the package, nitrux-icon-theme_3.5.3.tar.gz, is dead. Which makes it kind of hard for the PKGBUILD script to download it, build it and install it.

Locating the missing source for nitrux-icon-theme on the AUR

And, if you run a quick pacman -Qi nitrux-icon-theme you quickly see there’s supposed to be a nitrux website at But, trying to go there, you can see they closed their doors. The project forked into two projects now known as NX Desktop and Nitrux OS.

I’m probably wrong (according to my girlfriend, I am always wrong), but since the team references the Nitrux OS domain, and it was the last source in the PKGBUILD in the AUR, I kind of assume it was the more “official” source (at least as far as following the package maintainer’s intent). Looking quickly at their website, we get sent off to trusty old GitHub where the repository is now Archived (this means, no longer supported).

Quick patching the PKGBUILD file for missing source nitrux-icon-theme

There’s a chance here the AUR package maintainer has noticed this and simply wants the package to die. He’s not responded to quite a few comments on the AUR as well. Anywho, here’s the fix:

error downloading sources nitrux-icon-theme
Edit the PKGBUILD for nitrux-icon-theme
  • Grab the latest release from GitHub:
  • run md5sum on the gunzipped tarball
  • rerun pacman with –editmenu so it asks if you want to edit the PKGBUILD file
  • Select any option that allows you to edit the PKGBUILD file (for me, using yay this was [A]
  • Update the source field with the latest available release
  • Update the md5sum field with the m5sum command’s output
  • Write and exit the PKGBUILD file
  • Continue the installation

ERROR: Failure while downloading nitrux-icon-theme – Fixed! Quickly!

md5sum 3.5.4.tar.gz
yay --editmenu -Syyu nitrux-icon-theme

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20 04, 2020 exists in filesystem – Quickly Fixed!

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Solving nss: /usr/lib/ exists in filesystem

Error: Failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)

I crossed this one today, nss: /usr/lib/ exists in filesystem, doing a full system upgrade on my daily driver. I use Linux Manjaro for all purposes. As I was installing an English thesaurus, I decided to go around and sync with the upstream repository and do a full update.

yay -Syyu mythesia

This hardly happens, but sure enough, I got this error:

error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)
nss: /usr/lib/
libs32-nss: /usr/lib32/

For the record, yay is just a wrapper around pacman for updating Arch and Manjaro. It also utilizes the AUR, if you want it to. If you haven’t used it, it’s worth checking out. Just know that it could be part of how I ended up in this situation. file exists in file system
fike exists in filesystem

At first glace, that’s alarming. Those packages, nss and lib32-nss, are required by tons of packages. Meaning all of those packages depend on them. But, don’t panic. I was ballsy enough to try and just overwrite them and it didn’t brick my system. So, it’s fine. file exists in filesystem
sudo Don’t argue with me

The Fix for ‘nss: /usr/lib/ exists in filesystem’:

yay -Syyu --overwrite /usr/lib/ --overwrite /usr/lib32/ file exists in filesystem

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