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If you’ve heard about Oh-My-ZSH before, Oh-My-BASH is a similar project for the Bourne Again Shell.

Here’s a one-liner to install Oh-My-BASH:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Typically what you get with "Oh-My-BASH" is going to be a prettier prompt and a slightly more robust command completion. However, if you happen to use the various services which already have plugins, you'll find it even more useful. For example, I often have clients that need help with Amazon AWS and that plugin speeds up several tasks for me. You mileage will vary, but keep in mind that you can write your own plugins as well.
The main reason I linked it and promoted it is that I'd like to see the project succeed. Personally, I tend to favor ZSH on linux and also stick with CSH on BSD. However, like everyone else, I tend to be in a BASH environment when I log into client machines.