installing grav cms from the terminal

Installing Grav CMS using the Command Line

Grav CMS is a great flat-file CMS written in PHP. It’s been around for a while and features plenty of themes and plugins. Though, the community around it tends to roll their own.

Written in twig, php, css, html and markdown. Grav finds itself one of the fastest CMS out there. It’s a real competitor to WordPress and Drupal, especially if you have a good web developer. Lets deploy one, so we can play with it.

installing grav cms from the command line

installing grav from command line

How to get Grav and where to extract it.

Grab the latest zip from or Note: If you choose to use github and do not plan on doing and core development on the CMS, it’s a better idea to get a zip from the website or the Releases tab on GitHub.

Once you have the latest release, go ahead and sftp it up to your webserver and follow right behind by SSHing in. Extract the compressed release archive and move all of the files into webroot. Be careful not to forget hidden files, often “dot files”, like ‘.htaccess’.

Internal Server Error – How to fix Grav’s file permissions.

fixing file permissions for a grav install

Now that that’s out of the way, all we need to do is fix the file permissions and we’re up and running. Once we check that, we should go ahead and install some useful bits.

how to install grav from the terminal

fixing file permissions during a grav cms install

I’m going to grab the admin plugin, so I can manage Grav’s flat file CMS from the comfort of a web GUI. Please note, that if you decide to do the same, you’ll want to break out your web browser again. So you can register an admin on the world’s fastest flat file CMS before some random miscreant comes by and does it him or herself.

grav cms deployment from the terminal

installing grav’s admin panel

Now you can pick a theme and start blogging with Grav!

setting up grav using only the terminal

Grav CMS’ administration panel

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