I live in Atlanta, I know people who have COVID-19

i know three people who have coronavirus

Coronavirus: Outlook not so great..

Don’t panic, Arthur Dent.

Look, I’m not here to fear monger or scare. But, the thing is, we didn’t do very well here, in the United States. My saying so does not make me anti-American either. You can criticize your nation. And, some times you should.

The main thing I have to say, is really the only thing to say: Please follow the guidelines, as best as you can.

It’s great that so many people are asymptomatic or only show few symptoms. That’s really awesome. But, it also means nothing to those at risk or who happen to develop severe symptoms.

If you know anyone who has contracted the novel coronavirus, then you know CoV-SARS-2 is not a joke. COVID-19 makes you sick for a long time, if you develop even just moderate symptoms, not to mention severe ones. It’s also extremely contagious, mostly spreading when you speak, cough, sneeze, etc..

My stepson has coronavirus currently, he seems to be fighting it very well. The brave little guy is only 13 years old and also not considered to be “at risk”. We’re confident he will recover quickly. One of my friends however has caught it, confirmed, twice. Quite a bit apart. He’s reduced immune, due to some injuries, surgeries and complications he’s had prior to the pandemic, but he has survived both of them.

Anyway, please wear your masks, even if it’s not required. I know it’s the hottest part of the year and it sucks. But, you do not want to be wishing you could be by a loved one’s side. My grandmother doesn’t operate video chat very well and it mostly frustrates her. So, we tend to visit in person, to see her at her assisted living facility. Unfortunately, they called recently to tell us that she’s tested positive for COVID-19. It is really, really hard not being able to be beside someone you love, when you know they’re fighting for their life.

I’ll try and catch up on some blog posts I have been promising. I know that I am only distracting myself from some feelings that I will need to be dealing with. But, believe me, I’m pretty exhausted at the moment.

Do not be scared, educate yourself and try to be as smart as possible. Social distancing and wearing a mask is how you show those that you care about that you both love and respect them, right now. So, let’s be strong and be safe.