Training Grounds

Training Grounds #

Online Websites and Communities #

HackTheBox.EU & HTB Catalogue Hackthebox has online machines to hack, it’s a pretty solid training ground, I personally lean towards TryHackMe. But, you should practie everywhere and often. Try learning by doing retired machines following Ippsec videos. HackTheBox Academy is connected to HackerOne.

TryHackMe Tryhackme is another formidable learning platform. Some rooms are simply walkthroughs where you can read, learn and basically just type what they tell you, other rooms require some self-study to complete and there’s also challenge rooms, CTFs and King of the Hill competition mode!

ProvingGrounds Offensive Security’s Proving Grounds. This place also has training areas for learning, CTF machines for playing and testing your skills and more. Less organized but just as powerful as TryHackMe or HackTheBox

RootMe Rootme is another resource for online hosted virtual machines to hack.

VulnHub Vulnhub has virtual machine images you can download and then try to hack. This site seems to be a community platform

Hacker101 free site with videos and CTFs

CrackMes This site has a lot of binaries for forensic learning.

HackThisSite HackThisSite has been around for a very long time and has a lot of challenges to test your skill sets.

AttackDefense AttackDefense launched in the last few years and has a lot of online resources for practicing and learning.

PortSwigger PortSwigger is the creator of the awesome BurpSuite proxy tool (and more), it has labs for you to learn and practice on.

HackerRank HackerRank is a good site for keeping your coding skills fresh.