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Closing the Doors

Gray Hat Freelancing is Closed

Shutting the door on my freelance business is depressing. But, 12 years with 100% project completion and 100% client satisfaction isn't bad, right?

Plus, now that I'm not busy fixing and securing all of your shit. Instead, I'm just busy fixing and securing one company's shit. Maybe I'll have time and motivation to actually put some content on this website. You know.. actually share some knowledge, for a change. We'll see.

Stuart Gray

Stuart Gray

Stuart Gray is a network and systems engineer with over 18 years of experience, as a professional, in the network security industry. Getting his start early, at only 19, Stuart went to work for IBM Internet Security System's X-Force Advanced Research and Development team. Since leaving IBM, around 25 years old, Stuart has worn many hats across the industry and even ran his own business, Gray Hat Freelancing. Currently, Stuart focuses on strengthening his career, keeping his skill sets sharp and growing his knowledge base in regards to emerging technologies. One thing Stuart loves about network security is that it never stagnates and there's always more to learn.