What’s up everybody?

First, I’m sorry for the lack of post updates recently. Without pouring over way too many coronavirus details, like everyone else. I’ll simply say that I live in Atlanta, Georgia and that my social circle accurately predicted Governor Kemp’s move to be a very bad one.

My loved ones, as well as myself are all okay. We show each other that we love and respect one another by continuing to practice social distancing and trying our very hardest to follow the guidelines.

That being said, we are still forced to return to dangerous working conditions against our will. So, I’ve been busy trying to finish the redesign. As well as ramp back up with clients, many of whom are still surviving off of relief funds.

If you might have work for me, please fill out this form for a free quote. Or, email me.

The belt is tight for a little while. But, in the interest of my sanity, I decided to subscribe to TryHackMe. I wanted something to play with, since work has had me stuck in ecommerce hell.

Educational walkthroughs coming soon.