Full Stack Engineering

As a full stack development, software engineering and internet consulting agency, we offer more than just hosting solutions. In fact, you do not have to host with us, to hire us. Gray Hat Freelancing is determined to help you achieve your goals, even if you wish to keep current solutions in place. We refuse to be another agency that holds your data or services hostage until you buy into our entire offering.

It’s actually not uncommon for clients to start off hiring us as a replacement for their current hosting company’s own support team. Whether it is due to sluggish response times or simply because the competitor’s support team is not useful. We have a proven track record of 100% client satisfaction and we are proud that new clients expect us to maintain a higher level of competency.

If you’re not familiar with the terminology, “full stack” means to do everything from the back end engineering of computing services to the front end user-friendly interface development. No matter if it is website design, payment card industry security standards compliance requirements, integrating e-commerce inventory management solutions with shipping orders and delivery services or even search engine optimization and marketing. You will be amazed at how completely our solutions take care of your latest challenges.

Our engineers are extremely adaptive! Lets say you’ve purchased software from a leading vendor that contained security bugs, as all software does. And, while remediating some of those bugs, the official vendor has neutered a feature that you found useful or critical. Our freelance Gray Hat security operations engineers and integration developers are happy to find a new solution that preserves those features specifically for you and to provide support for those changes going forward.

As vigilant defenders of the free flow of information. Our Gray Hat freelance engineers will work with your vendors to integrate the solutions that work for you, into their official platforms. We offer plenty of business-to-business services that were implemented just for that purpose.

Scalable Technology

When it comes to scaling, the cloud is your best friend. We have been working with cloud-based technologies since their inception. Having a very strong foundation in virtualization technologies, because they make development environments easy to deploy.

We are familiar with all of the major cloud offerings. We were invited and attended all of their on-boarding seminars. They even invited us to participate in many of their trial programs. As well, some of us contributed heavily to a lot the documentation that they have published online.

That is to say, if you’re using one of their solutions and you’ve hit a dead end. You should contact us, because we can, and will, help you. Don’t waste another moment before reaching out to get your project back on track.

cloud server support and solutions

“With the Gray Hat Network, you have your choice of cloud markets. They are willing to “jump in” and help you with your existing solution or migrate you to theirs. Either way, they take care of YOUR business, just as well as they take care of business, in general.”
– A Very Satisfied Client